1. Resonate Oscillation

Traditional transducer emits in vertical amplitude.

in static
in dynamic

The amplitude of multi-section ultrasonic tubular cleaner emits in 360º.

2. Different cavitation in water

Traditional transducer emits from bottom to top with cavitation in single way.

in static
in dynamic

Multi-section ultrasonic tubular cleaner emits in 360° angle and waves will be refracted when they impact SUS water tank wall that will rebound cavitation and crisscross its directions to make the ultrasonic waves even and intensive in the water.

3. Differences of dimension

Traditional immersible ultrasonic box has large size, and is limited by space.

Tubular transducer is only 1/5 size of traditional immersible ultrasonic box and can be placed in any corner

4. Force & reaction force

Reaction force will lose in the air.

Force and reaction force both remain in the water.

5. Acoustic power

The traditional bonding transducers generally serve 50w acoustic power per piece and maximum to 100w acoustic power.

A multi-section ultrasonic tubular cleaner is capable of delivering a series of acoustic powers ranging from 800W (minimum) to 3200W (maximum).

6. Differences of install direction

Traditional transducers are normally mounted at the bottom or aside the tank

Multi-section ultrasonic tubular cleaner can be mounted in any direction: horizontally, vertically and even in an inclined position, as long as they are immersed in water.

7. Transducers vs. Generators

In general, one 1200w generator will serve 24 traditional transducers; the number of generator should be proportional to the number of transducers.

One single generator of tubular cleaner will individually drive a series of acoustic powers ranging from 800w to 1200w (mark in ) or 1800w to 3200w (mark in ).

8. Frequency Sweeping

A large number of transducers are collected and driven by a single generator; they will enlarge their differences of resonant frequency between transducer. In this occasion, it is unable to optimize all the transducers at one time; sometimes it needs ± 2 KHz sweeping to cover all the transducers.

Multi-section ultrasonic tubular cleaner is driven by a single generator and coupling with a single transducer. It has only one unique frequency which is correct and stabled (It is only ± 0.3K to sweep). Hence, maximum optimization is possible.

9. Water level

Traditional transducers are sensitive to the water level in the tank and may lost coupling with the generator.

Multi-section ultrasonic tubular cleaner do not need to match the water level of the liquid volume in the tank and can be operated in any shape of the tanks without any coupling problems.

10. Performance vs. Temperature

Electric power VS. Temperature
at fixed frequency : Traditional transducer

Electric power VS. Temperature
at fixed frequency : Multi-section ultrasonic tubular cleaner


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