SONOPRO CO., LTD. located in Tainan City, Taiwan, is a professional multi-section ultrasonic tubular cleaner manufacturer. Our goal is to improve ultrasonic cleaning technology and help customers to fulfill their needs.

Our technical personnel came from a professional PZT maker, Hwang Sun Enterprise CO., LTD. (HES), which has more than 30 years’ experience in making and researching piezoelectric ceramic, and their product is trusted by customers.

Through professional RD, we have long-term development in apply PZT to design more efficient ultrasonic cleaning products, especially in making PZT transducer. Since 1986, with the partnership of DATRON PRODUCTS CO., LTD. we specialize in manufacture different sets of ultrasonic cleaning equipment. Such as: desktop ultrasonic cleaning machine, ultrasonic cleaning tank, immersible ultrasonic plate and ultrasonic generator. Quality is trusted by customers globally.


Orchid Huang

Technical Director

Dennis Chang

Marketing Manager

Helen Lin

Factory Manager

Antony Chang

Quality Manager

Elaine Lin

Representative of Datron

Damon Lu

What We Do

To improve ultrasonic cleaning technology, our technical team keeps developing new products.
The newest multi-section ultrasonic tubular cleaner has been through strict test and the result is perfect. It modifies traditional ultrasonic cleaning machines ’defects and improves its practicality which is believe can meet customers’ needs in surface cleaning.

Sonopro has different agency for customers from everywhere around the world. For customers from Taiwan, China, Japan, South Korea and other Asia country, please contact Sonopro directly. And for customers form other country of the world, please contact DATRON PRODUCTS who has been our business partner for years, and will provide suitable service for you.

Our Products

Multi-section Ultrasonic Tubular Cleaner


Ultrasonic Transducer


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SONOPRO CO., LTD.(Asia Region)

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